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Payment Via PayPal

You can now pay your assessment via the website, using our new, secure "PayNow" option through PayPal. You may use your PayPal account, or select from MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or a bank card.

Assessment notices are mailed out in December and June and assessments are due within thirty 30 days from the date of the notice. Use the form below to pay online, or simply drop a check in the mail.

Make A Secure Payment PayPal

The transaction is secure through Paypal. Enter your address below, and we will foward you to the Paypal Secure Servers.

Enter Your Property Address:

To mail your payment, send your payment to:

Shenandoah Community Association
P.O. Box 639,
Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277


Assessment Update

Second-half Assessments Were Be Mailed in June


The second-half assessments were mailed out in June. The next assessments will be mailed in December. Stay Tuned. Please keep in mind the assessments will vary based on revenues, budget requirements, and the Coweta County numbers we are required to use for property values. If the percentages of members that pay keeps increasing, the assessments may decrease some more, assuming the other factors don't increase.

More members are paying due to:

  • Zero-Balance Credit, and...
  • More effort on collecting from past-due accounts.