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Contact Form

When leaving messages or sending correspondence, make sure to include your Name, Email, Address/Lot Number, Phone Number, and a Brief Message. If you are the owner of a rental property, make sure your name, address, and phone number as well as the renters information are included. For streetlight, animal control, or garbage issues, see "Other Contacts" below. If you are having trouble with the form below, use the link to the right.

Ways To Contact Us

We'd like to know your concerns. You may use either e-mail, postal mail, and voicemail to contact us. Contact the SCA Board through one of these three ways:

Phone: 770.599.6630
Mail: SCA P.O. Box 639, Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277


Board Members

  • Vince Acosta, President of SCA
  • Pat Waddell, Tresurer
  • David Shirley, Board Member
  • Nancy Stone, Board Member
  • Reginald Boyce, Board Member

Other Contacts

  • Street Light Out? Contact Coweta Fayette EMC - 770.253.5626 or Georgia Power - 1.888.891.0938 (press #3). Call the provider that services your street and give street name, pole location on the street and pole number, if available.

  • Stray or Nuisance Animals? Contact Coweta County Correctional Institute, Animal Control Division - 770.254.3735. Animals will not be picked up if they are restrained according to the SCA Covenants and County Codes.

  • Garbage Can Complaints? Contact the Coweta County Environmental Department - 770.254.3785.

  • Any other complaints relating to covenant restrictions or homeowner issues, please use the information above.